Life is uncertain. eat dessert first. (my_little_voice) wrote in the_oc_awards,
Life is uncertain. eat dessert first.


The Homecoming: Family icons

by foolish_desire

The Girlfriend: Relationship icons

 by foolish_desire

The Third Wheel: Friendship icons

by foolish_desire

The Debut: First season icons

 by foolish_desire

The New Era: Second season icons

by _godhopping

The Nana: Icons of the adults

 by everydayicons

The New Kids On The Block: Icons of the kids

by viadisaster

The Goodbye Girl: Characters that are now gone (Anna, Luke, Oliver...)

by _godhopping

The L.A.: Actor icons

by bornagain

The Heartbreak: Emotional icons

 by kelbellene

The Heights: Happy icons

The Telenovela: Funny icons

 by kelbellene

The Truth: Quote-ey icons

 by parsleh

The Secret: Icons with no text

The Gamble: Best cropping

by _godhopping

The Showdown: Best use of color

 by fiery_icons

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