Carla (lizzyluthor) wrote in the_oc_awards,

New Season - New Nominations...

Hey Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed the season premiere.
I don't know when I will see it, but I'm glad The O.C. is back...

Same goes for this community...

I hope that now with the new season you are all going to make new Icons and nominate all those shiny new Icons here... so we can come back to a bi-weekly voting progress.

new categories:

the Aftermath Season Three Icons

The Dearly Beloved special category with (bi-)weekly announced theme!
This time: Promo-Icons (nominate any icons that feature Promo images of all three season from The O.C.)

To the 4 People who already nomed:
artistbynight solad_dodger kelbellene rocknmyheartout
I give you the chance to put in new nominations.
Only you and only this time you are allowed to nominate a second time!!
Please do so!

And to the rest of the community Please Nominate!! and pimp this community
I hope to put up the voting on the 17th of september
Thanks, Lizzy!
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